Calvert City Municipal Water and Sewer Department would like to remind residents that personal wipes, paper towels, and other materials should not be flushed down toilets.

Although many brands of disposable wipes are labeled “flushable,” don’t flush them! The clogs and backups may cause expensive plumbing bills for your home.

To avoid further issues, Calvert City reminds all residents to throw toilet paper alternatives in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet. Calvert City’s staff continues to work to serve the public in these extraordinary times. We all need to be mindful of how our actions impact our infrastructure and each other. So, please remember, wipes clog pipes.


·         Baby wipes or cleaning wipes (even if they say “flushable”)

·         Tampons and sanitary products

·         Condoms

·         Tissues

·         Paper towels

·         Dental floss

·         Cotton balls and swabs

·         Cat litter

·         Prescription drugs

·         Over-the-counter medicines

·         Cigarette butts