Calvert City, Kentucky (January 11, 2022) – Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) Senior Law Enforcement Liaison, Mark Filburn, presented Calvert City Police Chief, David Elliott with a plaque documenting a 100% score on the 2021 Safety and Liability Review on January 10 at the police station.

The KLC Safety and Liability reviews are used to assist insurance members and encourage cities to implement best practices in their day-to-day operations. Combined with a site visit, this tool gives Calvert City suggestions on how to improve and ultimately reduce losses.

KLC members can save money on their insurance premiums each year if their score is between 40% and 100%. The reviews are designed to make cities a safer place to live and work.

“In 2007, I presented David Elliott with the first 100% review and he’s been at 100% ever since,” said Filburn.

“Calvert City takes pride in the safety of our community. Congratulations to Chief Elliott and his employees for implementing these best practices in our city,” said mayor Gene Colburn.

For more information, please contact Calvert City Hall at (270) 395-7138 or email