Calvert City | Mayor Jones“We’re Pulling for you” was a statement Mayor Lynn Jones said countlessly over the last trying year. He pulled for his city and for its people to flourish and he believed in us enough to know that we will.

Lynn Jones began his service in city government when former mayor Kean McKinney appointed him to the Calvert City Water Board. He then became a council member and was elected Mayor in 1998. Our city lost a great ambassador on January 30 with the news of his death.

“Mayor Jones was a great supporter of Kentucky Dam Village. His vision for the community was astounding. For this ‘carpet-bagger’ his warmth, humor, and support will be missed,” said Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Manager, Scot Ratzlaff.

The Mayor enjoyed working in his garden, reading, “front-porch sitting” and working in his woodshop. He was married for over 40 years to Mrs. Nancy, a relationship that blessed him with two children and four grandchildren. He appreciated hard work and respected the difference in opinion. Lynn was a tireless public servant who was passionate about his city.


He was a friend, he was my mentor, he was our vision. We are going to sorely miss him.

– John Ward, Calvert City Administrator


When Pastor Mike Donald of Pathway Baptist Church first met Lynn Jones, it was at Kentucky Dam Marina. Their conversation centered around a phrase introduced to Pathway Baptist Church, Capture the Imagination of your Community. “That is what Lynn did, he dreamed on how he could personally help Calvert City, Calvert Convalescent Center, and his church. Much of the improvements Calvert City experienced have Lynn’s handprint on it. He loved teaching his Sunday School Class. I believe it was the highlight of his week. He will be missed by many, but it has been a joy and privilege to have walked with Lynn,” said Pastor Mike Donald.

Lynn Jones was a husband. A father. A follower of Christ. A leader. A dreamer. A visionary. A mentor and a friend. For 22 years he served our city as Mayor and he has served us well. We are sad for his family and sad for our city. He was 150 percent Calvert City, and he will be greatly missed.


“I know of no greater honor than to serve the people of this great community. I am most proud to be from Calvert City, to make Calvert City my home, and to make Calvert City my future. The best of life is right here and that life is limited only by our imagination. So, let’s imagine big, another generation depends on us.”

– Lynn Jones (1949-2021)