Calvert City Pickleball Brings it home

This past weekend was a busy weekend for Calvert City Pickleball. 26 individuals played in two different tournaments over the weekend in Henderson and Lexington.

The Henderson Pickleball Tourney was held on the Henderson County High School Tennis Complex with 139 entries. This was an inaugural event with 10 Pickleball courts set up. 

Calvert City Pickleball collected 12 Medals, 4 Gold, 4 Silver, and 4 Bronze. In addition to local players, participants were from Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Southern, Illinois, and Southeast Missouri.

The Pickleball event of the Bluegrass Games was held in Lexington Kentucky with 301 entries. Four different venues were utilized. Twelve locals participated in 10 events collecting 12 metals, 6 Silver, and 6 Bronze. There were participants from several surrounding states.


Metal Winners

Henderson Tourney
Allie Gold/Sam Gold Mixed Doubles 3.0 Gold
Leigh Toby / Dax Myhand Mixed Doubles 4.5,40 Gold
Allie Gold/Darlene Latta Women’s 3.0 Silver
Kent Cadwell/Mason Cadwell Men’s Doubles 2.5 Silver
Sam Gold / Marvin Travis Men’s Doubles 3.5 Bronze
Leigh Toby/Jenny Travis Women’s 4.0,3.5



Other participants: Ron Johnson, Jason Jones, Parvin Latta, Kayla Travis, Judith Perez

Bluegrass Games
Jacob Hill/Mitchell Ponder Men’s Doubles 3.5 19+ Men’s Silver
Suzanne Shidal/Steve Shidal Mixed Doubles 3.5 65+ Silver
Holly Locken/Carl Marquess Mixed Doubles 3.5 50+ Silver
Holly Locken/Chris Operle Women’s Doubles 4.0 50+65 Bronze
Chris Operle/Jacob Hill Mixed Doubles 3.5 18+ Bronze
Carl Marquess/Steve Shidal Men’s 3.5 65+



Other participants: Shann Riley, Angela Rash, Dave Rash, Mike Rogers, Jax Rogers

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