As part of Calvert City’s 150th celebration of its sesquicentennial, students at Calvert City Elementary will be releasing one hundred and fifty balloons on October 22 at 9:30 AM at the school.

Balloons released are biodegradable and will be filled with wild bird seed. “We’ve been celebrating all year long with 150 events in 2021. The Sesquicentennial Committee wanted to include the elementary school which is so important to our community. This is a fun way for kids to remember this historical year and tell their kids about celebrating 150 years of Calvert City,” said Blair Travis, director of marketing, communications, and business development.

150 Calvert City Elementary students will be selected to release the balloons. Students will gather in the parking lot of the school and release them at 9:30 AM. “We’re excited to be a part of the 150th celebration,” said Kendra Glenn, Calvert Elementary’s Principal.

Parking will not be available for the balloon launch. Please use alternate transportation (biking or walking) if you are planning to view the event.


For more information, call Calvert City Hall at (270) 395-7138 or by emailing