I believe that there is no human being beyond the reach and power of God’s love, and I believe God has a full arsenal of ways in which He expresses love.  I have witnessed in my life, in Calvert City, God’s love in the lives of people so many times.  There is something about these memories that stirs my heart and motivates my actions.

It’s funny, the people who most impact us aren’t the politicians, sport’s idols, or movie stars, but simple people of whom the world is mostly ignorant.  Yet, you and I are so blessed.  Here is a shortlist of people of whom God is still reflecting His love in my life by their memory.

Buck Dowell,  Kate “Ma” Donohoo, Lucille Stice, Charles Hall, William Roy Draffen, Bill Smith – all different but in each of them kindness was wrapped in a different package.  Artie Knight, the meanest boy I ever knew.  Lawrence Luton, maybe the smartest boy I ever knew. Earl Gray, what a Jet scorekeeper! Pat Doyle, Calvert City’s hero. Ora Driver, grace and faithfulness met together.  Harry Harrell, political advisor, and democrat.  Kenneth Capps, forever the encourager.  Tommie Smith, a Grandson’s best friend.   Charlie Hensley, compassion for many and a republican.

You get it, my paradigm of sixty-nine years, from a Mayor who is so proud of this community and the people, past and present.  Their lives make this place so wonderful. Calvert City so grand. It is your turn to make a wonderful life in a wonderful place.