When I was Associate Pastor at the Broadway Baptist Church in Paducah, one Sunday at the end of morning church, a little girl was standing with me in the side doorway waiting to get on the church bus.  A beautiful red-haired, freckled-faced image of innocence, she stood with me holding my hand in the doorway watching it pour rain.  You know, the kind of rain that gushes over gutters, so much in a hurry to hit the ground it has no time to fly down a downspout.  Several adults were waiting with us, some patiently, some irritated because the rain had messed up their day and was about to mess up hairdo’s and clothes. Always mesmerized by rain, I got lost in the sounds and dreamed of days when I splashed carefree as a child in mud puddles often to the encouragement of my grandfather.

My mind was swirling with memories, then her voice broke my hypnotic trance.  “Brother Lynn let’s run through the rain”, she said.  “What”, “No, honey, let it slow down a bit”.  “But Brother Lynn, let’s run through the rain”, she pleaded.  “No, I cut her off, “ we’ll get soaked”.  “No, we won’t.  That’s not what you said this morning in Junior Church.”  With a puzzled look, I’m sure, I replied,  ”When did I say we could run through the rain and not get wet”?  “Don’t you remember?  When you were talking about Moses crossing the Sea.   He didn’t get wet and you said, God can get us through anything!” Dead silence.  I paused, and with a smile exclaimed, “Honey, you are absolutely right.  Let’s run through the rain.”  I opened the door and off we ran, darting past cars and through puddles.  We got soaked and so did those who followed, screaming and laughing like children with forgotten worry about hairdos and clothes.

While circumstances, or people, may rob you of money and stuff,  no one can ever take away your precious memories.  So, don’t forget to make time and take the opportunities to make memories everyday.  Don’t ever get too old to run, or walk, through the rain.  So, grab someone’s hand and run.  Puddle splashing is good for all of us!