It was like any other Thursday.  Except, it was cold and snow was in the forecast.  About noon, sure enough, snow began to fall with such intensity that visibility was lowered to a short distance.  It got bad quickly, so I decided to make a run to Lourdes Hospital to visit some members of Broadway Baptist Church who were there before darkness fell.  Well, you know what happens to plans, soon I found myself driving in horrible road conditions, several inches of snow had already accumulated on the roadways, and it was dark.

As I began to drive down Jefferson toward 25th street, the slick roads had produced several fender benders and lots of cars all over the street.  So, to avoid the traffic problems, I had the bright idea to cross into the alley and to drive the alley to the church.  All was well driving in the untraveled lane until I had to make a turn.  My bad judgment, the slick road, and the forward momentum of my vehicle secured a place for me in the ditch.  Frustrated I climbed from my car, evaluated the situation, and had another brilliant idea.  The ditch was shallow, in fact without snow covering the road, the ditch would not have been a problem.

What I needed was traction.  I climbed back into the car, put it in reverse, pressed on the gas, spun the tires, but no traction.  Then I had my most brilliant idea, I would put the car in reverse, get out because the tires would spin freely, then I would push on the front of the car to give it momentum to pull itself out of the ditch.  So, I put it in reverse, got out, pushed slightly and jumped back inside just to make sure I could perform the functions.

After a few moments of contemplations and prayer, I got out with back wheels spinning, pushed on the front and to my great joy the car backed out of the ditch.  Well, it did back out, it did keep on going, door open, was getting faster, it was headed toward a garage.  I ran on snow as quickly as a person can run on snow, jumped into the car, pulled the door closed, hit the brake.  My new 1972 Mercury Cougar Xr7 was only inches from the corner of the garage.  My prayer worked, my idea was stupid!  I pulled away, went straight to the church, finished a few details, and drove home.

I learned a most valuable lesson—don’t drive in alleyways in the snow late at night.  I haven’t since and I will not in the future.  Of course, I might use the procedures for getting out of the ditch again someday, maybe, who knows.  You can feel free to use the techniques I have shared, there are no legal rights to worry about, fools can do anything!  Careful driving.   – Mayor Jones