The source of water for Calvert City Municipal Water & Sewer System (Calvert Water) is groundwater obtained from a well field located along Lone Valley Road which is up river and up gradient to the Calvert City Industrial Complex. Calvert Water must meet rigid U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Kentucky Division of Water health standards on a daily basis. We also protect our source of groundwater with a wellhead protection plan. The purpose of the plan is to protect our groundwater from contamination before it occurs. The area surrounding the well field has numerous signs posted notifying the public to clean up and report any spills that have the potential to contaminate the Calvert Water System. 

Water from the well field is pumped to the water treatment plant through a 12" PVC transmission main. The wells and transmission main were installed in 1993. An emergency generator has also been installed to insure a source of uninterrupted power. 

Calvert City treats it's water prior to distribution at the water treatment plant located on KY 282 just south of the junction of KY 282 and the Johnson - Riley Rd. The treatment plant was primarily designed for iron removal. Plant processes include aeration, filtration, disinfection and fluoride injection. The water treatment plant was initially constructed in the 1950's. The plant has been upgraded on several occasions. The plant was upgraded in the early 1980's to install new gravity filters to replace an existing pressure filtration system. The capacity of the plant was increased to 2 MGD at that time. In 1993, the plant was again upgraded in conjunction with the well and transmission main project. This upgrade consisted of the construction of a new 400,000 gallon clearwell and high service pump building. At that time, two 1000 g.p.m. high service pumps were installed. The plant was upgraded again in 2003 with the addition of a 1,500,000-gallon ground storage tank on site. This upgrade also included updated controls and a booster station so that the water system could be divided into zones if needed. 

The water storage system for the Calvert City Water system is comprised of the 400,000-gallon clearwell; a 1,500,000-ground storage tank described above and a 750,000-gallon elevated storage tank, which was, constructed in 1966 near KY 95, and 10th Ave. The tank is approximately 150 ft. tall, which provides ample static water pressure for the Calvert area.

Initial construction of the distribution system for Calvert City's Water system dates to the mid 1950's. Calvert city's system is comprised of mains constructed utilizing primarily cast iron, galvanized iron and PVC. The distribution system is comprised of approximately 50 miles of pipe, 350 valves, and 250 fire hydrants. We are currently involved in a project to create a GIS map of the system and also have initiated an aggressive preventive maintenance program to insure a reliable and fiscally sound system. 

We hope to serve you as a present or future customer of Calvert Water and if you have any questions please contact us.