Fire Department

In the late summer of 1950, a house being built in a new sub-division caught fire in the middle of the night and burned to the ground.  Calvert City had no fire protection of any kind.  At the next Lions Club meeting, it was voted to buy a fire truck.  One of the Lions' members was a Chevrolet salesman and he offered a 1 1/2ton, 1951 Chevrolet Classic at cost.  The truck was bought and sent to Central Fire Equipment Company in St. Louis, Missouri.  Fitted with a 500 GPM pump, a 300 gallon tank, and other basic equipment, the truck was transformed into a fire truck and was delivered on March 10, 1951.  The Lions Club selected Ed Rendlemen to be the Fire Chief.  He held this position for 44 years before turning it over to a younger man.  The new Chief, Fred Ross took over January 1, 1996 and remains Fire Chief to this day.



From 1951 to 1967 there was only one other fire department in the county, and their service was confined to the City of Benton.  Consequently, Calvert City Fire Department answered calls all over the county.  Eventually, Calvert City became incorporated and the Department reverted to answering calls only within the city limits.  Calvert City purchased their second truck in 1967 - a commercial Ford with a 750 GPM pump and 500 gallons of water.  Since that time, the Department has had a number of vehicles and is currently equipped with five pumpers, a van , a specialty equipment pickup and, our newest, Ladder One, a KME 75 foot, multi-purpose truck.

The Department has an active roster of 20 persons and meets the last two Mondays in the month and the staff meets every first Monday.

Fire Training Center

The Calvert City Fire Training Center is operated through the City of Calvert City.  The Fire Training Center is well known by both public sector Fire Departments and private sector Industrial Fire/Rescue Brigades as Rendleman Field.  It has routinely been utilized through the years by many joint training events such as Jackson Purchase Fire School and Calvert Industrial Mutual Aid Program.  

Over the last two years, Calvert City has significantly upgraded the facility.  Improvements include remodeling the education building and its classrooms, remodeling the high rescue training tower, removal of a dilapidated structure and addition of fire simulation props.  The props are fueled by liquid propane gas and to enhance the training section the City has expanded the existing concrete pad, installed liquid propane delivery lines, and a central control panel for all firefighting training activities. 

The City is continuing its vision of improvements to provide enhanced training for all surrounding Volunteer Fire Departments and the Industrial Sector Clients in our immediate area.  Expectations are to obtain and install additional props and upgrade other training stations such as confined space.

Having adjacent Volunteer Fire Departments train alongside Industrial Brigades is critical to insuring a high level of response capability to supplement Calvert City Industry.  The Fire Training Center Board has been working diligently within the City budget to bring the Fire Training Center back to its former level of use.

The ultimate goal is to bring the facility back to historic utilization levels and make it a preferred training destination.